Town Departments

Looking for contact information for all our town departments? You’ve come to the right place. Departments include Animal Control, the Game Warden, Highway/Public Works, Boards and Commissions, Emergencies, Finance, Health, Town Clerks Office, and Zoning.

Adjunct Departments

Deerfield Valley Communication Union District (DVCUD)

The DVCUD is a group of interested parties from many surrounding towns that have banded together to explore options to bring high-speed internet into the Deerfield Valley.  This is NOT an official Town of Whitingham department or group although Whitingham is a member.

Game Warden

Vermont Game Wardens are responsible for enforcing laws pertaining to the hunting, fishing, and trapping of wild animals. The Game Warden for the Town of Whitingham is Rich Watkin.

Contact Person: Rich Watkin
Phone: (802) 368-7302
(802) 257-7101

Justice of the Peace

Justices of the Peace have basically five categories of responsibility:

Elections.  Justices of the Peace are members of the Board of Civil Authority (BCA).  Members of the BCA serve as election officials at town or statewide elections.  Justices are also responsible for delivering absentee ballots to voters at election time.

Tax Abatement and Appeals.  Justices of the Peace sit as members on the town Board of Abatement to determine whether a taxpayer's tax obligation should be forgiven under certain circumstances.  Justices of the Peace also serve an important role in the town's tax appeal process.  As a member of the Board of Civil Authority, justices sit to hear and decide appeals when citizens do not agree with the final decision of the assesors.

Marriages and Civil Unions.  Justices of the Peace may also solemnize marriages and may certify civil unions in Vermont.

Oaths and Notary.  Justices of the Peace may also administer oaths in all cases where an oath is required, unless the law makes a different provision.  A Justice of the Peace is a notary public ex officio and has all the acknowledgment powers of a notary public.

Magistrate.  Justices of the Peace may also serve as a magistrate when so commissioned by the Supreme Court.

You can reach a Justice of the Peace by contacting the Town Clerk at (802) 368-7887.

Windham Regional Commission

 In the absence of county government, the Windham Regional Commission provides the essential link between local, state and federal government. They are a public entity, constituted by law and required to meet statutory obligations.

Their mission is to assist towns in Southeastern Vermont to provide effective local government and work cooperatively with them to address regional issues.

The state’s purpose in creating regional planning commissions was to:

  • Promote economic development, increasing jobs and income
  • Preserve the natural beauty of Vermont
  • Obtain and maintain efficiency in government expenditure
  • Safeguard and extend local autonomy in planning and development decisions

Whitingham has two representatives to the Windham Regional Commission.  They are Jenepher Burnell and Peter Barus.