Burn Permit

Burn Permit

For a burn permit you must contact the Town of Whitingham Fire Warden, Dennis Pike, Sr. at (802) 380-5209 or via email at DennisPikeSr@gmail.com

Information on Burn Permits:

Our Fire Warden, Dennis Pike, Sr., maintains a permit station in a special mailbox at the end of his driveway at 1476 Fowler Road, Whitingham. The permit book is in the special mailbox if burning is allowed that day.  If the book is not there conditions are too dangerous to allow burning.

The rules are simple:
- If the log book is out, it's OK to burn.
- Fill out your contact information and take your yellow copy

If you have the space on your property, Dennis suggests not burning your brush and maintaining a pile in an out of the way location. This can provide a nice wildlife habit and the brush will eventually rot away.



Fire Warden