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Students in 6th grade through 12th grade attend school at the Twin Valley Middle High School located at 4299 VT Route 100, Whitingham VT 05361 (802) 368-2880.

TWIN VALLEY MIDDLE HIGH SCHOOL    “Growing innovators who will change the world.”

Whitingham is home to Twin Valley Unified Union Middle High School The facility underwent complete renovations in 2015 providing a modern environment for learning.

Twin Valley is the collaboration of the towns of Whitingham and Wilmington and surrounding communities.

Twin Valley provides 21st century learning in classroom settings with student to teacher ratios that promote individualized instruction.

Twin Valley prepares students with the essential skills and experiences for innovative thinking.

 Cultivates habits of finding new solutions for real world challenges.

Promotes critical thinkers and problems solvers yielding socially responsible citizens.

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Students pre-K through 5th grade attend school at the Twin Valley Elementary School located at 360 VT Route 100, Wilmington, VT 05363 (802) 464-5177.

Both school buildings were remodeled and upgraded in 2015/16.