Historical Society

Jump in a time machine and take a trip down memory lane. Find out more about the town’s founding, our earliest residents, and the industries that have kept us going and growing for over 250 years.

The Whitingham Historical Society invites you to visit on Sundays in July and August from 2-4pm. Located at the base of Stimpson Hill behind the Whitingham Community Church.  Come take a step into history.  Explore our one-room schoolhouse and our museum full of hand made 19th century farm tools, hand made dresses from 1832, the telephone switchboard used in town (circa 1920s), grandma's kitchen gadget collection, Veterans War memorobilia, large spinning wheel and many wash tubs.  We also have information on the GLORY HOLE.

We hope to see you soon at the most unique museum in Vermont.

Donations are welcome!

Are you missing your Whitingham School Year Book?  We have many copies available to you for a donation.


Join the Whitingham Historical Society! The society runs historical programs for the public, and runs the Historical Society Museum, where you can see how life was lived in Whitingham decades and centuries ago. The Museum is located in the center of Whitingham Village at Green Mountain Hall.  Please contact Stella Stevens at (802) 368-2448 or Betsy McKinley at (802) 368-2376.