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Public Notice

Posted: 09/26/23

Pursuant to Executive Order 11988 (Floodplain Management) and Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) implementing regulations at Title 44 of the Code of Federal Regulations Part 9, FEMA hereby provides final notice of its decision to provide Hazard Mitigation Grant Program funding for an action located in a floodplain. Funding would be provided through Vermont Emergency Management to the Town of Whitingham to acquire and demolish a residential property located at 568 VT Route 112 in Jacksonville, VT.

The project is within a mapped special flood hazard area (SFHA), otherwise known as the 1% annual chance floodplain. Construction associated with a demolition in the floodplain would be negligible and temporary. In the long-term, the values of the floodplain would be restored, and natural flood storage capacity at the site would improve. Restoring the natural floodplain would increase flood storage, improve water quality, and create wildlife habitat. A map of the area of available upon request.

The project must in be in a floodplain because the work associated with the demolition is functionally dependent upon its location in the SFHA; the structure is located in a flood-vulnerable location. There are no practicable alternatives to the proposed action occurring in or near a floodplain. The floodplain is the only practicable location for demolition of this flood-prone structure to occur. Grant conditions will also require compliance with all federal, state and local laws, including coordination with the local floodplain administrator.

Map requests and comments about this project and potential floodplain impacts should be submitted within 15 days of the date of this publication (by 10/13/23) to:


Kari Elkins, Environmental Protection Specialist

Federal Emergency Management Agency, Boston, MA; (256) 343-3570

PDF icon FEMA buyout 568 VT Route 112 Final Public Notice

2023 Property Tax Bills

Posted: 08/03/23

Attached below are the 2023 property tax bills that were mailed August 1st and due November 1, 2023.

PDF icon 2023 Property Tax bills


Posted: 02/10/21

LAND RECORDS:  The Town of Whitingham’s Land Records are indexed and scanned from June 28, 1967 forward.

The online system is available by clicking:  If you wish to view the index, there is no charge and you can sign up and choose the complimentary subscription.  If there is a record that you want to view or print, you must purchase a subscription or come to the Town Clerk’s Office.  You should log in first and be sure that the document is in the system before you pay for a subscription.

If you decide to purchase a subscription and you need help when creating an account, you can contact Cott Systems Technical Support at 800-234-2688, first prompt is 8, second prompt is 1.

PROPERTY RECORD CARDS: Property Record Cards can be found HERE.

TAX BILLS:  2023 Tax Bills can be found HERE

TAX MAPS:  Property tax maps can be found HERE.

Forest Fire Warden

Posted: 09/29/21