Start a Business

If you can’t convince your employer to open a branch office in Whitingham, you may have to start your own business. Here’s everything you need to know to get things going.

Whitingham has an active Economic Development Group that assisted professionals on the design of this new website and encourages all local companies and individuals to utilize the website to promote their business. The Economic Development Group also works on projects to improve connectivity, beautify the two village centers and the quality of life in town.

Whitingham has 115 businesses registered with the State of Vermont, including retail stores, trades people, specialists, instructors, craft and food artisans and farms. Some are home based businesses including non-profits organizations. Whitingham is business friendly within the guidelines of the Town Plan and the State of Vermont regulations. The state provides business startup information at this link:

The Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation is a non-profit economic development corporation that can help you relocate or start a new business.