Things to Do in Whitingham

Here's a list of Things to Do in our beautiful town:

Visit the local cheese shop and wine bar - locally made fresh cheese.

Visit the local general store for sandwiches, groceries or fresh meat.

Visit the Whitingham Historical Society Museum at Green Mountain Hall.  

Take our Historic Tour by bike or car.

Take a kid (or yourself) fishing on Harriman Reservoir or Lake Sadawga.

Go swimming or boating on Harriman Reservoir.

Check out the Glory Hole, the earthen dam (was the largest in the world when built) both on Dam Road.

Visit the Brigham Young Monument.

Have a picnic at Town Hill Common, a scenic park with playground equipment, ballfield and picnic areas.

Take a hike, snowshoe or XC ski on the Catamount Trail.

Join the local EZ Riders Snowmobile Club to enjoy to local trails.